Frequently Asked Questions about Quality Wraps & More

Get Informed Before You Purchase Your Wrap

At Second Wind Signs & Graphics, we know that choosing a wrap shop can be difficult. You want a quality wrap, but when you are on a budget, it can be hard to make a decision. Not all wraps are created equal, and a poorly installed wrap will not only fail quickly, but it will give your business negative exposure. A cheaper wrap can often mean that corners are being cut and quality is being sacrificed. Do not risk paying the price for a bad wrap. When you know what to look for and what to ask of your wrap shop, you can tell if they provide a quality product or not. Ask these essential questions when you are considering getting your next vehicle wrap.

One of the first things you want to determine about the wrap shop you are considering is whether or not their work will help you market your business effectively. An effective wrap communicates all necessary information in an average of three seconds, and can entice a person to continue to look longer. If all someone sees in three seconds when they look at your wrap is the first word of your business’ name, then your wrap was too busy to communicate effectively.

A good wrap strikes a fine balance between beautiful design and informative text. A good design is not too busy, but it is still eye-catching. Text should not be too large, but it should still be readable both in size and font. A well-made wrap is an excellent and economical way to get your business noticed and gets your brand out into the community. Make sure your wraps represent the quality you want to project for your business.

Does the company you are working with use brand-name vinyl or a private label? Popular brands like 3M, Avery, and Arlon invest time and money in developing high quality vinyl products. These big brands test product performance, and they stand behind the vinyl they produce. Using private label or off-brand vinyl might allow you or the wrap shop to save money, but it is almost impossible to guarantee the quality, consistency, and performance of the product. Economy brands can vary in quality from roll to roll, so knowing that it worked well before does not necessarily guarantee it will hold up again. Always make sure that the wrap shop you go with uses reputable name brand vinyls.

Most people cannot tell the difference between vinyls—some wrap shops do not even know the difference. But vinyl is not created to be completely multi-purpose. Cast vinyl is formulated and produced to comply and fit any shape or curve with the application of heat. Calendared vinyl (sometimes called sign vinyl) is designed specifically for use on flat surfaces. Although calendared vinyl is less expensive and a great choice for signs and walls, it will not hold up well on curved or convex surfaces. Reputable brands like 3M, Avery, and Arlon manufacture both types of vinyl, so be sure to ask your wrap creator not just what brand they use, but also whether they use cast vinyl.

Always confirm that your printed vinyl graphics will be laminated before application to your vehicle or boat. This is another area where wrap companies will try to cut corners and save money—but you will pay the price every time. Laminating the graphics protects the appearance and quality of the wrap in two ways. First, the laminates have built-in UV protection, which protects the wrap from fading. You do not want your potential customers to get a bad impression of your business (or worse, not be able to read your wrap) because it has faded in the harsh Florida sun. Second, the wraps themselves are durable, but can easily be scratched or abraded if not protected. A cast laminate will provide protection for your graphics so that your vehicle continues to look new and sharp.

In the business of vehicle wraps, experience matters. Wrapping vehicles is a hands-on skill. Wrap specialists develop a real sense for handling the materials and understanding how the materials perform. With years of experience, they develop a keen attention to detail and take pride in the finished product. And they should. They treat your vehicle with the care it deserves, recognizing that commercial vehicles are a valuable asset for your business, and that your personal vehicle is your pride and joy. Do not hesitate to ask to meet the person who will be wrapping your vehicle and make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction. Feel free to ask about their experience in the field, and even about previous jobs they have completed successfully.

Do Not Hesitate to Ask the Important Questions

Asking the right questions will yield valuable, long-lasting benefits to your bottom line. The companies that do right by their clients are more than happy to answer any questions new and existing clients may have about their experience and how they do what they do. A good wrap shop’s main goal is to provide you with a vehicle wrap that can help your business succeed.

Second Wind Signs & Graphics Builds its Reputation on Quality & Service

At Second Wind Signs & Graphics, we use the brand name cast vinyls you have heard of and trust. We laminate all of our wraps and graphics to protect the quality of the digital print so that your brand and business always looks sharp. Our wrap installer has 16 years of experience wrapping vehicles and an attention to detail that is second to none. We are in the business of making our clients look good, because when you look good, we look good. We always make sure we do it right because we believe great visual communication makes great things happen for your business.

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